Everyone loves a Helen’s Photography portrait session. That’s because we know how to bring out the real you — the comfortable you, the happy you, the amazing you.

Portrait sessions
As you might expect, the length of a portrait session can vary — anywhere from under half an hour to an hour or two. For weddings, family reunions, and corporate events, we provide day rates so we can stay as long as you need us.

What to wear
This depends on the style of portrait you envision. We generally recommend solid colors. For outside portraits, pick natural colors: beiges, greens, blues, and blacks. For studio portraits, whites and pastels turn out a crisp, light look; darker colors such as blacks, browns, and navies create a more conservative, stately portrait.

If you’re uncertain about a clothing selection, or would like portraits in a variety of clothing, bring alternates. Keep jewelry to a minimum, and don’t wear any clothing or jewelry that might be considered “flashy” or attention grabbing (such as logos on shirts).

As always, let us know if you want suggestions for what to wear!

Family and group portraits
We usually recommend that families wear the same colors. That way your faces and expressions will attract the attention, not the differences in your clothing.

Also, by wearing classic clothing such as white or black shirts with blue jeans or khakis (or a similar tone, such as all pastels or all darks), your clothing will also remain contemporary longer. For more info, please download our Family Portrait Magazine Prep Guide.

Children’s photography
At Helen’s Place, we have an entire room devoted to children, so we have lots of props and toys. Please bring anything special (such as a favorite blanket or stuffed animal) with you. For our annual Children’s Portrait Contest, we’ve come up with a Children’s Contest Portrait Prep Guide to getting ready for your big photo shoot.

Please apply your make-up as usual, and bring along the items that you typically use, just in case we need them during our session. That goes for the women, too. 😉

Keep in mind that we also touch up your selected portraits to reduce wrinkles and eliminate blemishes.

Photo selection
When your photos are ready for your review, we schedule an appointment for you and your family to stop in.

Senior graduation portraits
We have a special how-to photo prep guide for seniors graduating from high school. You are one of our favorite photographic subjects!

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