Our anniversary portrait arrived last week, and I’m writing to tell you how very pleased we are! Not only do we love the photograph, but you did an excellent job in the framing! Many thanks for making it such an outstanding gift from our children. We have wonderful memories of Williamsburg, and you captured our happiness in one of our most memorable visits. We can’t thank you enough for our family heirloom. Bless you!

Jack & Joan Kelley

Venetia, PA

Helen, the pictures were beyond description. So absolutely beautiful. I was so moved watching each and every detail that it helped me relive that spectacular day.

Thank you, dear friend, for such workmanship, and for your graciousnes that day. Everyone remarked how wonderful you were. Never “in the way,” but “always there.”

Kathryn B. Malone

Williamsburg, VA

Thank you for the checks and cash totalling $1000 (from the Children’s Portrait Contest) to the Williamsburg Regional Library in support of summer reading. This contribution helps sustain the library as a first-class community resource. We appreciate your continued support.

With your gift, the library can better provide resources and programs that educate, enrich, entertain, and inform every member of our community.

John A. Moorman, Library Director

Williamsburg, VA, Williamsburg Regional Library

Thank you so much for all you’ve done for us this year. We are so pleased with our photographic memories!

Patty & Joe Shaw

Williamsburg, VA

Thanks again for your incredible level of service and support. This photo album is going to make Dominique’s Father’s Day!

Linda Huret

Washington, DC

This is by far the best job I’ve ever had. I’ve really enjoyed coming to work each day … thank you for taking the time to teach me the art and technical aspects of photography and editing, as well as customer service skills. I’ll use all of this for the rest of my life.

I really pray I’ll have many more bosses like you! I consider you and everyone else at Helen’s Place as my second family.


Williamsburg, VA

Our wedding photos are BEAUTIFUL! You and your team did such a great job. Of course, the weather and the setting were perfect on March 3rd.

I’m having a hard time deciding which photos to get, because they’re all so good. Thanks so much for getting the shots I really wanted and also for getting so much variety.

Sally Sledge

Williamsburg, VA

I would recommend Helen’s Place Photography without reservation. Always picture perfect and more!! Thank you, Helen.

Judith A. Smith

Williamsburg, VA

Took pictures with Santa Claus at Yankee candle bought the CD with a video of my daughter talking to Santa when I got home the CD had a problem on it Helen was awesome in trying to get me the video of my daughter talking to Santa, I don’t live in Williamsburg so it was awesome for her to go out of her way to get me a copy…you guys are great definitely will see you next year!!!

Christine Coverston-Groce

Hampton, VA

Helen is very knowledgable and professional. What a great place to have your pictures taken!

David Robinson

Williamsburg, VA

Amazing photographers! Thank you so much for my wedding!!! Definitely helped make everything an amazing experience.

Kayleigh Marie Hirsh

Toano, VA

Wonderful!! Professional and they take excellent pictures 🙂

Katy Speegle Henderson

Williamsburg, VA

Over the past 20 or so years we’ve used Helen and her staff a number of times. She has produced group portraits of our entire family for hanging in our homes. A recent picture was of all 23 of us, done last year in December.

This work captured four generations in an outdoor scene, including three great grandchildren. The patience and calm approach to a difficult task, plus the professionalism of the finished product, is quite amazing. We all love it.

Suzy & G.T. Brooks

Williamsburg, VA

Thank you so much for enduring the heat and taking pictures at our wedding ceremony.

You and your crew did such an amazing job of directing the shots and posing people.

We can’t wait to see the final pictures!

Melissa & Alfonso Palacios

Williamsburg, VA

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Our album is AMAZING! We can’t stop looking at it. The pictures are awesome, the colors are so vibrant, and you captured every moment perfectly. We had a great time the day of the wedding. You and your staff were great to work with. Also, enclosed is a letter we sent to Christine Twyman. We wanted her to know how great you are and how wonderful your work is!!

Jennifer & Matt Molloy

Williamsburg, VA

Words can’t really express the gratitude, fun, and friendship that I feel toward you and your staff. I had heard so many horror stories about wedding photographers and you dispelled them immediately. Every single guest and all of the family were in love with you by the end of the day!

The day went very well for me and Amy, with a few clips, but you being part of it made it even more perfect… Thanks again for being such a wonderful part of our day!

Judy K.

Williamsburg, VA

Thank you for all of your hard work. And thank you and your staff for everything you did to make everything perfect! You guys are WONDERFUL!

Jason & Carey Chappell

Williamsburg, VA

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Over $800 to help cover the expenses of summer reading is nothing to sniff at! We are so happy that you care enough about us and reading that you have again made this wonderful contribution to all the kids in our community. I really hope you’ll consider doing another photo show in the libraries. Thank you again for being a summer reading sponsor. Please tell all of your wonderful and super courteous staff how much I enjoy working with them.

Reba Friedrich, Youth Services Librarian

Williamsburg, VA, Williamsburg Regional Library

Thank you so much for the gift certificate for our Upward Basketball Awards Ceremony. Your generosity to our Christian program is greatly appreciated.

May God bless you with good health and prosperity.

Elsie Manning

Williamsburg, VA, Smith Memorial Baptist Church

Helen’s place is phenomenal!!! Excellent customer service and very professional!!! Her staff and Helen are very warm and welcoming and her pictures are amazing!!! I would recommend her services to everyone!! Top notch!!

Mary Dixon

Newport News, VA

Helen helped me surprise my girlfriend (now fiancée) by photographing my proposal. She and her crew were awesome! They really helped me make it a special time, and one we will always be able to look at thanks to her. We cannot recommend her highly enough.

Terry Dowdy

Washington, DC

Had pictures taken with Santa on November 28th, and they came out amazing! The two photographers were awesome with my daughter.

Bryan & Elizabeth Floyd

Williamsburg, VA

Took my daughter to get photographs done for part of the library contest (we have also done pictures with them at Yankee Candle for Christmas and Easter). Such friendly people and they really know how to get a smile out of a baby, even when they are starting to get tired! Can’t wait to see the shots they got! Thanks!!

Megan Gallagher

Williamsburg, VA

Thank you, Helen, for serving on the Taste of Williamsburg committee and providing photos of the event. Your leadership and support significantly contributed to a successful event. We sincerely appreciate your efforts.

Bob Harris

Williamsburg Chamber & Art Alliance, Williamsburg, VA

Every time I look at the photo of Bodie and Todd I love it more.

Thanks so much!


Williamsburg, VA

On behalf of the Upward Basketball and Smith Memorial Baptist Church, thank you very much for your generous donation to the Upward Awards program. The two $100 gift certificates added a lot of excitement to the evening.

Also, many thanks for working with the players and coaches to make sure that as many as possible were in the team pictures. Your patience and professionalism are deeply appreciated.

Ken Moore

Williamsburg, VA, Smith Memorial Baptist Church

Because of you, I have beautiful photos of my dog! I miss her so much, but you captured her personality exactly.

Susan Branch Smith

Williamsburg, VA, Basecamp Productions

Thank you for your help judging the Reflections Projects for Norge this year. The kids truly enjoy this event.

Thank you for putting your time into it!

Dawn Evans

Norge, VA

The Ford’s Colony LGA would like to thank you for the wonderful picture of the group. It’s a great remembrance of the Rally for a Cure Tournament and Luncheon. Even the fog in the background brings back fond memories. This year we raised $17,450 for the Susan B. Komen Foundation, which supports research and early detection of breast cancer. We appreciate the time and effort you and your assistants gave. The picture will have a special place in the Clubhouse for all to enjoy.

Mary Jane Dienert

Williamsburg, VA, Ford's Colony Country Club

Thank you so much for sending a congratulatory card to our daughter, Simone, on her Miss Teen Norfolk 2007 victory. Since our visit to your studio, Simone also became a 2nd runner-up at Miss Tiny Eastern America pageant.

Ada Gilman

Williamsburg, VA

In the social media world we currently live in, standard protocol is now to “post” a review of a service that someone has provided on one of several leading social media websites out there in cyberspace. However, I am taking this opportunity to give a “shout out” for Helen Oderisi as a Customer for whom I recently provided carpet and upholstery cleaning services.

Several months ago, I started Oxi Fresh of Williamsburg Carpet Cleaning and also joined a local Business Network International (BNI) chapter to facilitate new business sales and marketing. Helen is a fellow member of that business referral networking group who solicited the services of my new company to help her in transitioning her Helen’s Place Photography studio to also serve as a her place of residence.

This was a big job that was completed via multiple visits to “her place” over a full weekend, It included cleaning of (1) the carpet in her relatively large area studio, five upstairs rooms, hallway and staircase, (2) several area rugs, and (3) a couple of upholstery pieces.

While one of the rooms serves as her bedroom, two provide office space for her staff with the other two used for storage. Each of the rooms had lots of “stuff” in them that was moved by her staff from side to side as the rooms were cleaned one-half at a time over the course of the three day cleaning event.

With that background, I must say that Helen and her staff actually made the entire cleaning event quite productive and enjoyable because of their helpfulness, flexibility, enthusiasm and overall “good cheer” in getting the job done, not to mention their genuine interest in the novel Oxi Fresh cleaning process.

Lastly, a few words specifically about Helen, who I really got to know as a result of my “hanging out” with her over the course of that weekend. She is a big hearted woman who loves what she does as her profession, the people who support her, and the customers she serves. But probably the best testimonial I can give is in regard to her thankfulness, as demonstrated by her repeated expression to me at our subsequent weekly BNI meetings of how grateful and happy she is for how the “freshening up” of her new living quarters makes her feel right at home.

Carl Geiling

Williamsburg, VA

All we can say is WOW!!

Thanks so much for a wonderful wedding day. We had super springlike weather and great friends and a beautiful setting and terrific photographers! You all were the best and we know you got some great shots. Thanks so much for making our big day special. We appreciate everything you did and every detail that you attended to. You all were a lot of fun to work with and very professional.

Sally & Gary Barker

Williamsburg, VA

Thanks so much for the session. It was fun because you made it so, and the pictures confirm what the concierge said, that you’re “the best around”!

Ronald L. Green

Hanover, New Hampshire, Dartsmouth College

How can it be that each year the photos in the summer Kid’s Contest become more beautiful?! We all love to have them to cheer us in the libraries. Our patrons do, too.

Thank you for your continuing support of the Youth Services department. We could not ask for better friends than you and all your lovely staff at Helen’s Place. Facing budget cuts this year, your fabulous contribution of $1,000 could not come at a better time. You have the gratitude of an entire department.

Reba Friedrich, Youth Services Librarian

Williamsburg, VA, Williamsburg Regional Library

You and your assistant were absolutely wonderful! Everyone was very complimentary about your style and how well you seemed to blend in and let everyone’s personality come through. I know everyone was pleased.

Thank you so much!

Ed Kopp

Williamsburg, VA

Thank you for taking photographs for us at the State of the City.

Jack Tuttle & Michele DeWitt

Williamsburg, VA, City of Williamsburg

I am so thankful for the family memories you’ve preserved for all of us. We continue to get compliments on our beautiful wedding album. The mother-daughter photos taken last summer are so special. I’m very thankful for your help and patience!

Patty Shaw

Williamsburg, VA

The package arrived today of Isabella Rose’s beautiful photos. They are absolutely stunning. I’m awestruck by how you were able to catch so many good ones. You have a very keen eye for what makes a good photo.

I honestly couldn’t be happier with your work. Thank you so much for your talent and the speed with which you filled my order.

Cheryl Wetherell

Williamsburg, VA

We go to Yankee Candle each Christmas and Easter for photos with Helen’s. They take their time and if the boys are smiling weird, they’ll take more photos. I am always happy with the quality. I have never had a sitting with her at her studio but I see the quality of her work, everywhere. Highly recommend!

Wendy Lang Craighill

Williamsburg, VA

Every experience I have with Helen and her crew is a stress free, enjoyable experience. The quality of photograph that you will receive will exceed your expectations, every time. I highly recommend using Helen for any type of portrait affair.

Somf Jdubs Pigman

Williamsburg, VA

Thank you for correcting the order. The pictures with Santa at Yankee Candle look really good. Coming back next year.

JoAnn Ellis

Williamsburg, VA

Phenomenal photos from a professional group of people. Thanksssss!

Tanya Torres

Newport News, VA

We’ve been getting holiday photos at Yankee Candle for about 3 years (Easter and Christmas). They are treasures. And that is exactly the way Helen handles my boys. Like they’re treasures.

Dani Skates

Mathews, VA